ADA Exploration

June 22, 2022 8:00 PM

In the not too distant future, a brave group of pioneer Explorers left the ravaged surface of our planet to explore the solar system in the hope of finding somewhere to cultivate a new world, allowing the human race to survive.

In the year 2157, it was evident the Earth would no longer be able to sustain the human population. As the Earth’s natural resources dangerously depleted, it led to atmospheric changes that created devastating tidal shifts and unpredictable natural disasters that destroyed vast civilisations and entire countries.

The world leaders joined together in constructing a unique space exploration programme, with the common goal of finding a sustainable habitat on another planet. They selected an elite squad of ADA Explorers who would journey to planets, galaxies and other areas of planetary interest. The task at hand was to successfully acquire samples of organic materials and rock crystallisations for analysis.

The Explorers would have to brave unknown perils and obvious dangers to complete their mission and return with vital information on discovering a new habitable world, allowing mankind to thrive once again. In their haste on returning back to Earth with their findings, they did not return alone.

This is their journey…

project manager
3D Art Developer
Exploration / NFT Expert
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June 22, 2022 8:00 PM
ADA Exploration
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Space Expedition Q2

Quality check and completion of Project Artwork

Launch Space Station Website

- Expedition launch date revealed

Mint quantity and price details revealed

Release plans for Alien Infestation to community

Announce Details for Holder Royalty Plans

Live Q & A with developers

Voyage Back to earth

✓ Specimen samples airdrop to Exploration holders

- Quality check and completion of Artwork for Alien Infestation

- Distribution of Royalties to Exploration holders

✓ Further details on mint, landing date and Alien Infestation ‘sneak peek’ releases

✓ Voyage Landing - Infestation begins

Future Exploration

✓ Launch for holders of ADA Exploration and ADA Exploration: Alien Infestation

- Future Exploration in line with community vision for project

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