ADA Lions Club

July 19, 2022 12:00 PM

The Adalions CNFT art is unique and will blow you away, if you want to be part of the best project, you are at the right place. Ada Lions NFT (CNFT) collection is a must-have for your CNFT collection. Our aim is to build a supportive, fun, and respectful community. The lions are waiting to meet you. Join discord and Twitter and be part of the most talk-about project in the Cardano Blockchain.


Our Team is Experienced and Dedicated: bringing to the Project much expertise and skills from different industries with a Successful track record. We have a great vision and will succeed with the help of our Community and Support. We aim to OVER DELIVER and Under promise.


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July 19, 2022 12:00 PM
ADA Lions Club
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• Q1-2022- Project Research and Development
• Q1-2022- Launch of Social Media Platforms: Twitter- Discord- Instagram- YouTube
• Q1-2022- Website Launch (Beta)

• Q2-2022- Marketing Campaign Launch: Twitter- Discord- Instagram

• Q3-2022- First NFT Drop- First Milestone Completed
• Q3-2022- Stepping up Marketing and Promotion Campaign
• Q3-2022- Website Upgrading

• Q4-2022- Second NFT Drop- Second Milestone Completed
• Q4-2022- Evaluation and Performance Review of the Project
• Q1-2023- Publish White Paper
• Q1-2023- Review of Milestones, on Successful Completion, Metaverse Project to Begin
• Q2-2023- Marketing Promotion of Metaverse
• Q3-2023- Land Parcel Drop
• Q4-2023- The Beginning of the New Era, Journey Continues

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