Alpha Surfers


We are an alpha group, investment club, education hub, and a software builder. We are gamifying the trading/investment process.

Our founder has a process that he has traded successfully for over 16 years. In the beginning, all growth will come from this method. However, as we grow we will diversify our income streams.

We will have full transparency, and return the majority of profit to holders every quarter.


Currently we have two team members, and will build the team out more around mint. We are already working on team expansion. The founder has over 16 years of successful trading experience and over 20 all together.


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Alpha Surfers
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Our vision is to provide as much value as we can prior to mint, and to continue this trend afterwards. We focus on a three-pronged approach: the alpha group, the investment club, and the education hub. As our treasury grows we will be able to then begin to build software and look at buying businesses. Our NFT will be the core of our project. We don't believe in doing extra mints, and don't plan on ever doing a token. Holding a NFT gives access to quarterly royalties, the education portal where some of the courses have sold for thousands of dollars a piece, and all the alpha being shared.

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