Ape Nation's Mutation Nation

September 24, 2022 10:00 PM

🚨MUTATION NATION 🚨 Mutation Nation V1 Mint Dates - Canopy Club V1 Starts on 9/24/22 for 24 Hours 39 ADA - Jungle Club V1 Starts on 9/25/22 for 24 Hours 49 ADA - General V1 Starts on 9/26/22 for 24 Hours 59 ADA - All Ranks Resume on 9/27/22 Indefinitely 69ADA Mutation Nation V2 Mint Dates - Canopy Club V2 Starts on 10/01/22 for 24 Hours 39 ADA - Jungle Club V2 Starts on 10/02/22 for 24 Hours 49 ADA - General V2 Starts on 10/3/22 for 24 Hours 59 ADA - All Ranks 10/4/22 Indefinitely 69 ADA Mutation Nation V3 Mint Dates Will be announced in October 2022 #WEAREAPENATION


The Ape Nation Team is comprised of 8 like-minded individuals working harmoniously in the pursuit of delivering the most elite community-driven project in the CNFT space. This carefully orchestrated team through hard work, integrity and transparency is dedicated to adhering to a “community first” mentality in all phases of the project. Original community members Showtime, Mr. B, Scram, TheWolf, J Rod’s Crypto, and KC8 teamed up with NFT veteran fettuccine with ambitions to leave their own mark within the CNFT space. With an unmatched tenacity and a commitment to excellence, the Ape Nation Team is on a mission to build and lead one of the most recognized CNFT projects with true long term appeal.

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September 24, 2022 10:00 PM
Ape Nation's Mutation Nation
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Q1 2022 Community Takeover with fettuccine Joining the Team as Advisor Expand Twitter Following & Increase Discord Numbers Regular Giveaways Across Both Twitter & Discord Listed on CNFT.IO & epoch.art Integration of Qty Holder Roles Community Vote on Ape Nation Path Forward Q2 2022 Canopy Club Launch (Sub 1k Benefits Announced) New Website & Roadmap Launch Jungle Club (1k - 5k Benefits Announced) Ape Nation Jungle Juice (Vials) Drop & Trading Commences Ape Nation Escrow Service Launch Community Vote on Ape Nation Ape Burn Q3 2022 Advertising, Marketing & Collaboration Push Canopy Club Members to Receive 25% Royalties (Distribution TBD) Ape Nation / Mutation Nation Merchandise Mutation Nation Launch CNFT Con 2022 Giveaway Q4 2022 Ape Nation Collaboration Announcement Ape Nation Limited Edition Collection CNFT Con 2022 Meetup Ape Nation Donation Vote Sneak Peek Roadmap 2023

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