Ape Ultras: Superleague

July 22, 2022 8:30 PM

The Ape Ultras Superleague CNFT project seeks to combine high-quality artwork with a close, fully-committed community of actively engaged holders. Football fans are some of the most loyal, devoted communities on the planet - chief among them, the Ultras - the loudest, proudest, most vehement group, who travel nationally and internationally to support their team. It therefore seemed fitting that Ultras would form the inspiration for our Ape CNFT project; with stereotypical Ultra traits appearing through our artwork and their story played out in our roadmap. The AU Superleague will comprise of 8 teams; some of which are fierce local rivalries with a rich history of dramatic results and violent encounters. Each Ape Utra NFT will support one of these teams; denoted by the color of the background in the artwork. Throughout the season, fiercely contested fixtures will be played out weekly, with points and prizes going to the winners. In battle, tight-knit groups who have developed a deep mutual understanding and a sense of unity often come out on top. Teams will have the chance to tilt the odds in their favor through displaying these signs of true brotherhood. Ape’s will adorn archetypal football hooligan style such as Burberry shirts, hoodies, rain jackets, and baseball caps, as well as populist NFT outfits such as clownsuits and king capes. Additionally, each will be clutching a potentially deadly weapon - those nabbed from the street through to deadline machinery designed to kill. Higher-ranking Apes with rare traits will have greater ability to influence results and will, naturally, take a lead role among their packs. Successful teams will collect assets through league wins, further solidifying their status as a perennial winner and etching their name into history.

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July 22, 2022 8:30 PM
Ape Ultras: Superleague
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Phase 1:
Launch Ape Ultras NFT We’re minting 6000 Ape Ultras at a price of 42 ADA; each will form part of 1 of 8 teams in the Superleague Superleague Season 1 Commences Every week simulated sports matches will take place between the 8 teams. It’s time to show your support to your team to improve your chances of coming out on top and claiming prizes.

Phase 2:
Tokenomics Ape Ultra Tokens (to-be-named-later) will be issued to enhance the project. These will be awarded to winning teams and can used for gaming, commerce and culture. Token Utility Enhance the Superleague experience by using tokens to further influence the result of games or place wagers with fellow apes in the hope of acquiring more tokens. Superleague Rewards If you’re lucky enough to hold Superleague winning Ultras, expect great rewards.

Phase 3:
And beyond: TBD Details will follow but our current plan includes Metaverse application and next-gen Apes

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