May 25, 2022 4:30 PM

Cardano is under serious threat and in danger of being destroyed. 5500 Asterwords fired across the metaverse are on a collision course with the Cardano blockchain. Reports, as yet unconfirmed, are that they have been fired by a rival blockchain, to destroy Cardano and spread FUD throughout the cryptosphere. Cardano strategists, including the Great Hosky, are tracking the Asterwords and have detected they will enter Cardano delivering a sustained attack on the Blockchain over a 48 hour period on the 05, 05, 2022. Each of the 5500 Asterwords detected is distinct and offers a serious threat. Unless the Asterwords are captured, the whole of Cardano’s infrastructure could be damaged and life within the blockchain will become unsustainable. Every meme, every NFT will be destroyed and everything will be reduced to having no value (well apart from Hosky which didn’t have any value in the first place!). Each Asterword presents different challenges and problems to Cardano’s infrastructure. The only way Cardano will be saved is by capturing the Asterwords within your wallet during the 48 hour entry period. If just one escapes through, Cardano will be under serious threat. Cardano Intelligence has detected 100 Asterwords containing a word or phrase relating to the cryptosphere. A few including To the Moon, BTFD and Wen Lambo have already been deciphered, the remainder will unravel once the Asterwords are in full view of the Cardano Blockchain.

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May 25, 2022 4:30 PM
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The Cardano Blockchain is under serious threat from Asterwords. We need members of the Cardano community to join us at the Cardano Defence Force to help capture them and maintain the security of the chain. If this does not happen this will potentially damage the integrity of every NFT, ADA and staking pools potentially reducing their value to zero (well apart from Hosky which wasn't worth anything in the first place!) Once the blockchain has been secured and is protected, we will announce further plans using the core strengths of our gaming, VR/AR and publishing teams.

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