Battle Borgz Origins V.1

August 13, 2022 11:00 PM

Battle Borgz is a multiplayer PvP and PvE isometric battle arena game based on the Cardano blockchain. With traditional gaming the relationship is one-way: you pay for the game, and unless you’re a professional esports player or a streamer with a big following, you will never be able to monetize your playtime. Blockchain gaming offers players the opportunity to earn real money, NFTs and blockchain technology have quite literally, changed the game. Battle Borgz players can directly participate in battles and demonstrate their skills while exploring the game system and monetizing their experience. The game is free to play in casual mode, a Battle Borgz NFT is needed to play our ranked mode. The ranked mode of the game enables players to earn the BORGZ token and convert it into real world money, or spend BORGZ in game to modify their gaming experience.


Nick Stewart - Project Manager Nick has experience in event management and has been researching and following the development of blockchain projects since 2020, with a specific interest in game-fi projects and Cardano DApps. He is managing the overall development of the project. Justin Belanger - Community Manager Justin has been into video games since the age of 3 playing his fathers Atari, growing to proudly win local LAN party trophies as a teenager in various games. He has gained numerous strengths and skills over 3 decades through gaming communities, military experience, and construction leadership/supervision. Ammar Tariq - Lead Developer Ammar is an experienced blockchain game developer, having developed a gaming project on the Solana blockchain and his own web and game development training program. He is handling our token integration and working with a team of developers to create our blockchain game. Battle Borgz Creative Team 3 game developers. 1 2D artist. 2 3D artists. 1 3D animation specialist.

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August 13, 2022 11:00 PM
Battle Borgz Origins V.1
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PHASE 1 - Q1 & Q2 2022
$BORGZ seed & whitelist sales. $BORGZ token public launchpad sale. HUD development. Origins 3D character development. $BORGZ staking. Origins character animation. Official NFT release date and verified status on marketplaces.

PHASE 2 - Q3 2022
Battle Borgz Origins minting commences. $BORGZ DEX listing. Resistance 3D character development. NFT staking. A Limited edition Battle Borgz NFT release. Resistance game environment development. Resistance character animation. Game UI development. PvP development. Pre-Alpha testing.

PHASE 3 - Q4 2022
Battle Borgz Resistance minting commences. Item and skins 3D object development. Further 3D game environment development. Marketplace UI development. Further PvP game development. Alpha testing.

PHASE 4 - Q1 & Q2 2023
PvE game development. Marketplace development. $BORGZ integration with game. Beta testing. Continued development.

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