February 27, 2023 7:00 PM

BlazedBulls is a ground breaking new idea with in not only the web3 and Cardano ecosystem but web2 also. Structured around a real world business we are able to provide benefits to holders and the community like no others! From Revenue Rewards, Airdrops, Apparel Drops, Discounts and more, BlazedBulls sets itself apart from the back!

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February 27, 2023 7:00 PM
February 27, 2023 8:00 PM
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Develop initial concept for NFTs Design traits and rarities

Create basic business plan Onboard team

Begin promotion of CNFTs Set up and launch online store

Find supplier and distributor of apparel Source mint partner

Set up socials (Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.)

Pinpoint launch date Phase Two

Launch CNFTs Form partnerships

Begin marketing of apparel brand

Set up LTD company

Fulfil bonuses to community for minting

Acquire dedicated HQ and studio space

Bring printing in house Begin development of BLAZE token

Begin development of DAO like system

Launch of Dapp

Phase Three Launch apparel in brick and mortar establishments

Further marketing

Develop and grow existing and new partnerships Increase staffing

Airdrops and discounts to community members More...

Brent is an Engineer from the UK. With over 15 years in the field he now manages a firm, servicing contracts for high value clientel. He has also invested in the traditional markets along with crypto successfully for over 13 years too. He is a father of two and a family man at heart with the goal of bettering the lives of those around him. Also acting CEO of The Rebellion Project on Polygon. Terry is a young budding Entrepeneur working and living out of the north of England. With a passion for NFTs he has worked alongside some of the largest projects in the space and in the process he has succesfully grown a community several thousand people strong. He is a self professed beard god and is laser focused on creating a brighter future. An experienced operations manager and apparel production expert with over 20 years of knowledge under his belt. He advises and aids in the creation and distribution of our IRL assets. An extreme sports wizard who has traveled the world, shredding some of the toughest, roughtest and gnarly trails in downhill mountain biking. He represents our brand and engages with our target audience, alongside opening doors and lines of communication with IRL business to host our products. AND YES we are ALL DOXXED!

Team Social Link :

Team Social Link :

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