April 23, 2022 3:00 PM
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April 23, 2022 3:00 PM
5,555 BluBots were created before a tragic fire claimed Blu laboratories and the life of both leading scientists. During the fire an unexplained system glitch affected all BluBot memory banks, causing their godlike abilities to be throttled. Previously harolded as the next evolutionary leap, these now stunted, state of the art robots, took their place in the world by driving our Ubers, constructing our buildings, packing our warehouses, and setting up our banquet halls. Godlike beings with incredible potential, dulled by that fateful day. But recently, a digital portal has been opened from an unknown source, giving access to every BluBot’s internal system for the first time since the fire. Their purpose and true potential is within reach, and is yours to unlock.
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01 — Genesis Mint

In Progress

The first 5,555 original BluBot NFTs are minted. High quality 3D renders, 1000 x 1000 in size, unique in their combination of clothing and accessories with rarity attached to skin type.

02 — Memory Upgrade

In Development

Every Blu memory bank was wiped clean during the fire at Blu Laboratories, leaving the surviving 5,555 Blu’s without an identity or sense of self. This is your chance to help shape the Blu you’ve received, by giving them an original memory of their childhood, past loves and moments they may have lived before the fire. This memory will stay attached to their system forever in the chain.

03 — Emotion Chip

In Development

Since their creation, BluBots have lacked the ability to express emotion. Finally with the portal opened, the installation of an emotion chip is now possible, and will give Blu’s the ability to feel and emote. Bring your Blu to life and give them the gift of a smile.

04 — Drone Companion

Concept Stage

From an undisclosed location a new wave of bots explode on the scene, but unlike the original Blu’s, these are companion drones. 1 for every Blu in the world. When they find their match, they attach and become part of the Blu, never leaving their side. The drones know something is coming, and the Blu’s are going to need all the help they can get.

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