Club Dragon

June 2, 2022 12:00 PM

Club Dragon is an explosive Cardano NFT project, designing, crafting and releasing 4000 completely unique Dragon NFTS onto the Cardano Blockchain. Series 1 has been meticulously assembled using over 100 traits to generate electrifying pieces.

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June 2, 2022 12:00 PM
Club Dragon
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- Begin design development of 3D Dragons

- Launch Twitter, Discord & Website

- Breathe fire into the Cardano space with the reveal of finalised artwork to the CNFT community

- Assemble a flight of dragons into a positive, bustling community

- Discuss vision and future plans for CD with our tribe

- Announce WL details

- Pre-launch giveaways, raffles, and prize quizzes for early discord community

- Feedback from community through constant communication and live Q&A with the development team

- Launch club Dragon marketing animation

- Announce mint details

- Community to decide charity to receive donations

- Announce royalty details and charity donation plans

- Verify CD on all established CNFT marketplaces

- Club Dragon Series 1 swoops onto the Cardano Blockchain

- Release rarity information on etc

- Donate 5% of proceeds to community selected charity


- Dragon Egg is hatched

- Release Club Dragon merchandise

- NFT Integration within the CD Discord

- Airdrop to loyal community members and holders

- OG and loyal members perks released

- Release S2 mint detailsFUTURE PLANS

- Community lead ideas

- Metaverse discussions with community regarding ‘Dragons Den’. Opportunities to be explored.

- Engage with influential players in the CNFT space, promotion/collaborations to further strengthen the community

- Launch Club Dragon Series 2

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