Crazy Hyenas

June 25, 2022 12:00 PM

7979 Hyenas are here to Party, Have fun, and be....CRAZY! One Bite is all it takes to be part of the Horde. What will you decide?


We have AMA's available on twitter and frequent twitter spaces.

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June 25, 2022 12:00 PM
Crazy Hyenas
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Phase 1

- Launch Crazy Hyenas

Phase 2

- Verify all Holders
- Donate 5000 ADA to a Charity
- Community Vote
- Select 5 Holders randomly to receive 500 ADA
- Select 1 Holder to receive 2000 ADA
- Secret Drop for VIP Holders
- Secret ART Drop for all holders
- Official Merch store launch

Phase 3

- Marketing and Promotion to Showcase Launch Success
- Showcase Community Benefits
- Development of Crazy Hyenas Evolution
- Hyena of the Month
- 1 Member each month wins 500 ADA
- Hyena of the Week
- 1 Member each week wins 50 ADA
- Competitions for Community
- Access to Other Projects, Announcements, Whitelists, Giveaways
- The “Crazy” Expansion and Projects Acquisitions
- Establishing Crazy Labs
- Launchpad Applications from Community Members

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