Dot Dot Creatures

August 28, 2022 11:00 PM

DDC is an art-project collection of 8,888 creatures in Cardano Blockchain. The creature will live in the metaverse like we, humans, live in the real-life world. Our theme is cute, friendship, solidarity, and fun! the team background has professional experience in real estate investment, architecture, and entrepreneurship. The overall roadmap is to combine the NFT project with Dot Dot Builder as a metaverse developer into Dot Dot Town.


Mavis Co-Founder | Marketing & Creative Director Entrepreneur, digital ads, online marketing and NFT Degen Goku Co-Founder | Strategic Investment & Operations Real estate Investment and NFT Geek Baeshinjas Co-Founder | Lead Artist Architect, designer and NFT Artist

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August 28, 2022 11:00 PM
Dot Dot Creatures
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Roadmap 1.0 Activation 10% SOLD - DDC Instagram Launch (dedicated to branding) 25% SOLD - Member Exclusive DDC gets unlocked (alpha channel and exclusive events) 40% SOLD - Tombstone mystery hunt event, the first winner will be rewarded with 2,500ADA and a DDC NFT 55% SOLD - Real-life brand development (unique merch) 70% SOLD - Land expansion (acquisition) 85% SOLD - Dot Dot Town (concept development) 100% SOLD - It's a sunny-day with the creatures. DOT is daydreaming about the alternate lives..

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