Dracano Dragon Chaser: Revanine

June 28, 2022 10:00 AM

Dracano's highly anticipated third drop, "Dragon Chaser Revanine" features stunning hand-painted artwork seamlessly generated into 999 unique NFTs. The NFTs include a square sized image (for profile pictures) and extended banner graphic that pulls you deeper into Revanine's world.

From the Artist

With Revanine, I wanted to create someone with personality. I couldn’t see Dracano releasing a shallow set of dreamy female profile pictures. I wanted varying expressions, to show that her attractiveness originates from who she is, not only what she is. She’s not traditionally beautiful; her eyes, nose, lips individually have flaws, but she looks symmetrical when put together. Revanine ‘speaks’ through her features, and as the first official humanoid ambassador to the world of Dracano, I hope she ignites curiosity.

As far as the art itself — I dedicated a lot of time on building Revanine as someone I would want to get to know. When I sit down to paint her, I see that smile and I say, “Hey, Revanine, what are we painting for you today?”

Every bit counts, from the individual traits to the selected colors that appear in the final product. I know every trait so well that even after the layers are generated, I still feel like I painted each image individually.

The Revanine Collection has enough hand-painted traits to create over 1200 billion unique combinations.


Dracano was a single artist project that came onto the CNFT space in September 2021. Since then, the team has grown to include a project manager and community manager. After the first two successful drops, we've continued building and learning. We also have a wholesome and active community focused on creativity, art and lore.

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June 28, 2022 10:00 AM
Dracano Dragon Chaser: Revanine
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The Dracano Universe is an original fantasy world filled with an expansive collection of Dragon species, complex societies and magical locations. Season 1 and 2 (sold out) comprised of 1/1 juvenile Dragons from two different world locations. The Dragon Chaser series deepens our world with more lore and illustrated stories based on each Dragon Chaser character. Those that hold a Dragon Chaser will have access to mint exclusive story-based NFTs.

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