Firebird Genesis Drop

October 1, 2022 10:00 PM

A collection of 3333 musical stems. Genesis tokens for Firebird Media: An open source, decentralized protocol for tracking and protecting your creations, derivatives, royalties and licensing on chain. Inspired by Firebird by Cullah, the first open-source music album on Cardano.


Our team has 15+ of experience in software development and 10+ years in the and music business. Cullah Milwaukee, USA Musician composed and licensed 10,000+ syncs of 16 years of open-source music in video games, films, tv shows, and advertisements. MPhil in Music & Media Technology from Trinity College, Dublin. BS in Computer Engineering from Marquette University. 10+ years experience in music business and licensing. Grandson of Richard Wolff, the patriarch of the largest American family band in history: The Wolff Family Band. Blackbird Cape Town, South Africa. Experience building highly optimized web services for serving chucked transfers and websockets. Experience with protobuf, websockets and general audio streaming technologies for use within a react frontend. Experience managing big data and highly available backend services. Experience building Cardano smart contracts, off-chain backends, wallet integration and working with the various serialization libraries. Experience with Cardano token minting transactions, metadata standards and the NFT ecosystem. Experience running, syncing and querying data from Cardano nodes. Hymn of Dreams Omaha, USA Experienced digital painter and web3 artist. CRWND Eindhovn, Netherlands Visual FX and music visuals expert


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October 1, 2022 10:00 PM
Firebird Genesis Drop
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Q4 2022 Website launched protocol formed Genesis stems minted Stem Mixer dApp deployed Q1 2023 Firebird Whitepaper, Architecture and Design Catalyst fundraising Artist roster announced Advanced Stem Mixer testnet Protocol R&D Q2 2023 Catalyst Fundraising Advanced Stem Mixer mainnet Marketplace dApp testnet Q3 2023 Firebird Whitepaper, Tokenomics and Governance $FBIRD Token Announcement

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