Focus DC

June 1, 2023 4:00 PM

Focus DC Gen 0 is an NFT collection of 369 Lo-fi inspired art pieces. Each NFT gives you access to of FocusFlow, a productivity platform. You'll also receive an airdrop, discount, and WL spot for Gen 1, as well as access to the early users' community.

We develop a browser extension called FocusFlow that will be accessible if you own Focus Digital Collectible

What are the Functions? ✓ Holder Verification ✓ To-do list ✓ Pomodoro-timer ✓ Website Blocker ✓ Distractions Tracker ✓ Workflow Tracker Verify your ownership and use the full functionality of our service to work more productively!

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June 1, 2023 4:00 PM
June 1, 2023 5:00 PM
Focus DC
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Before the start up 1. Idea 2. F2E concept 3. Build a team 4. Investment attraction PRE-MINT 1. Gen 0 art development 2. Gen 1 art development 3. Twitter & Discord 4. Whitepaper release 5. Website V1 6. FocusFlow demo video release 7. Closed beta testings of FF 8. Generation 0 date/supply 9. Partnerships with top Cardano projects 10. Gen 0 mint After Gen 0 mint 1. Holder verification for DAO 2. Secondary market listing 3. Website V2 4. FocusFlow launch for Gen 0 5. Reward Gen 0 holders according to F2E system 6. Onboarding users from web2 7. Generation 1 mint After Gen 1 mint 1. Gen 1 airdrop to Gen 0 holders 2. FocusFlow mass adoption 3. Economic model for Focus DC products 4. Stable DAO income 5. Roadmap 2.0

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