Ghostchain NFT Club


Ghostchain NFT Club is a collection of 10,000 unique CNFTs that are made up of over 1,000 exciting traits that tells the story of Cardano like it has never been told.

We are not a copy cat version of a successful NFT project on another ecosystem (“the this of Cardano”).

Built by members of the Cardano community, for the Cardano community, our mission is to change the negative stigma around the term “Ghostchain”; making it about something FUN and EXCITING. This is why our “Ghost” are always found rocking a “Chain” with full Cardano representation on the pendants.

We are not just another “CNFT drop”. We are serious about building an NFT brand. Join us on our amazing quest of becoming the #1 NFT project on Cardano while having fun and winning hearts in the process!

Search Engine Marketing Manager @BitMart.Exchange.
Branding and user acquisition Jedi. Blockchain & NFT DeGen in the Metaverse.
Founder of NFT Fan Fiction,
TKK likes to draw, write, collect "worthless" JPEGs and shows up on YouTube from time to time.
Mainbrain is an ambassador for multiple projects.
Part time tokenomics creator, full time shitposter. Profit and Nintendo maxi.
Head of NFT design
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Ghostchain NFT Club
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