Our Princess Ada

June 22, 2022 5:00 PM
Founder & Concept Creator
Co - Founder & Artist
Co - Founder & Developer
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Our Princess Ada
June 22, 2022 5:00 PM

Mid Q2 - Early Q3

The public mint of Our Princess Ada, allocation of funds for branding "Our Princess Ada" CNFT project and start of frontend design of our NFT Marketplace for Music, 20% shares of the NFT marketplace for music gets allocated for Our Princess Ada NFT holders (Profits from these shares will be later shared in a work-to-earn distribution mechanism).

Mid-Late Q3

The release of the front-end prototype of the marketplace with different kinds of sneak peeks, Public mint of the Companion NFT for farming native tokens for the marketplace. All Our Princess Ada holders will be airdropped a companion NFT as a gift and they will be able to farm the native tokens. Allocation of the native tokens for the farm will be around 40% of the total supply, intensive branding of Our Princess Ada continues.

Early Q4

Possible native token IDO or IFO or ISPO, token allocation will be very limited and less than what the Companion CNFT can generate.

Early - Mid Q4

Farming starts for the Companion CNFTs, sneak peeks into the NFT marketplace. Intensive branding of Our Princess Ada continues.

Late Q4

Beta release of the NFT marketplace for Music!