Sacred Sapiens

September 15, 2022 1:00 PM

Sacred sapiens is a 3D animated, evolutionary, sci-fi themed cnft project. The goal of this project is to push the boundaries of 3D animated art by continuing to evolve the sacred sapiens as we tell the story.

The story follows 3 celestials, each from a different planet. After a series of disastrous events resulting in the destruction of their worlds, they came together to save the light of life and create a new world: Atacoa. They inhabited Atacoa with 7,774 sacred sapiens - So begins the journey...


Pamp - Co-founder of Sacred Sapiens. He is also a founding member of Cardano Lounge and a passionate NFT investor.
JGeez - Co-founder of Sacred Sapiens. He is passionate about Cardano and making the world a more sustainable place. He is looking forward to chatting to all the Sapiens on Discord.
CryptoMils - General Manager and creator of all things awesome.
Levani & Tatia – Lead artists and experienced 3D animators with 10 years’ experience.
CAD MAX – 3D Clothing Designer and branding guru. Adele – Creative director and celestial stylist. Luke – Sketch artist and concept designer. Melanie – Story-teller and creative writer.

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September 15, 2022 1:00 PM
Sacred Sapiens
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