Safari Squad Habitats

November 30, 2022 7:00 PM

Safari Squad Habitats is a collection of 2222 Habitats - Homes of the Safari Squad members. The Habitats will give you boosted rewards and $safari when staking your Safari Squad NFTs. Access to exclusive Habitats Quests while keeping your Squad warm and comfy.

Whitelist mint 6:00 PM
Public 8:00 PM


TEAM is doxxed. Check us out on discord in #meet-the-team. Safari Squad NFT (OG Collection) was minted May 4 and sold out. We airdropped exclusive 1/1 Safari Squad - Inventive art piece to eligible holders and now, we will embark on the next chapter of our journey with the project, starting with a lot of utility to Safari Squad and bring real value to our holders.

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November 30, 2022 7:00 PM
November 30, 2022 8:00 PM
Safari Squad Habitats
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ROADMAP SAFARI SQUAD Phase 1 (✅ ) - Generate, finalize and personally review all 6,666 NFTs - Social media and discord - Launch website Phase 2 (✅ ) - Community building and marketing - Verify the collection on, and verification - Whitelist presale - Public sale Phase 3 (Current phase) - ✅ Implement 10% of royalty profits to be distributed to the most committed holders monthly (changes of structure being made) - ✅ Airdrop to eligible holders. Exclusive 1/1 Safari Squad - Inventive (1.000 max supply - Airdrop will be around 50% of supply - rest will be for collabs/special events) - ✅Safari Habitats - Gateway to boosted rewards and utility (Sold out Phase 1, 50% of supply. Phase 2 will be minted 30 November.) - 👉 Staking (stake your NFT and earn our utility token $SAFARI) (ongoing) - 👉 $safari Auctions & Raffles - NFT prizes (ongoing) - Exclusive Habitat Quests: Mutation/Trait quests - Gamified Staking -- Phase 4 - Creation of the Safari Squad Community DAO - Safari Squad Merchandise - Merch drop to random committed Safari Squad NFT holders - Art Competitions/Art auctions - Arctic Squad 🐻

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