Space Otter Society Pups


Space Otter Society presents the Otter Pups! Adorable, festive, Christmas-loving, spacefaring Otter babies that love their toys and steal your hearts while wearing spacesuits. Secure your Otter pups by minting one of these limited supply NFTs! A portion of mint will go towards charity.


The Otter Team is full of love, sarcasm, and humility as we move forward at the speed of Otter.

We will never stop building and we have delivered on the vast majority of our roadmap in a very short amount of time. We will continue this pace until we are dead!


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Space Otter Society Pups
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Space Otter Society is the interactive adventure of 3750 Otters leaving their war-torn planet in search of a new home amongst the stars.

Featuring high quality art, engaging and innovative utility, interactive lore, and a tight-knit community, SOS truly has something for everyone!

Stake your Otters to earn $SHELLS and redeem for NFTs voted on by the SOS community. Fully immerse yourself in interactive and challenging missions to progress the SOS story, and instead of simply reading the story you have the opportunity to be the hero yourself!

The project aims to continue revenue generation by creating custom events for other projects in the Web3 space and with our upcoming staking Missions to coincide with our interactive events!

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