September 17, 2022 3:00 PM

A double character NFT with monsters teaming up with their homies! Utility includes the first X2E earning system on the blockchain, whereby tokens are earned through losing calories on our developed app. Tokens can then be used to buy new traits changing the overall look of your NFT. Over 5000 unique homies X2E Platform Interchangabe Traits The Metaverse Killer.


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September 17, 2022 3:00 PM
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Phase II: Launching the Collection Launch the Discord, Twitter and Website Reward the growing community with give-aways including NFTs and special roles within the community with added benefits. Launch the collection of 5.555 Tamerz on the Cardano Blockchain Enable holders of the project to have voting power on all major decisions coming to the project. Q4 2022 Phase III: Community and X2E Launch the TT (Tamerz Token) and X2E (the Tamerz mobile app) TT airdrop to the largest Tamerz holders and supporters of the project X2E official release to the public Activate and fund the TAMERZ community wallet. (Vote for new features in X2E) Q1 2023 Phase IV: Continued Tamerz Universe Official merch store will be released to all current holders with access to high quality merch related to the Tamerz brand. The new "Interchangable traits" are released on X2E Weekly X2E challenges and reward fund are launched Merch store is released to the public.

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