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Our belief at Terrene as to why mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, NFTs & defi has not occurred yet is due to most people cannot relate to them. Terrene's aim is to create web3 applications and services that will be relatable to a wider mainstream audience and lead towards mass adoption. Our goal is to create a marketplace where people will be able to buy or sell freelance services. In order to facilitate the creation of the service marketplace, we intend to raise funds by: Terrene NFT drops, Terrene staking platform which will allow holders to earn $Terrene, a staking pool that allows the community to stake their Ada and earn $Terrene tokens. The Terrene NFTs can also be used as the user's unique identifier for marketplace access and the $Terrene token will serve as the currency to pay for services in the market place.

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Terrene Genesis drop

The Terrene Genesis drop will be a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated NFT with different unique traits.

Mint Terrene Token - $Terrene

$Terrene will be a native cardano token, the token will serve as currency in the service marketplace. Token will be distributed to nft holders.

Deploy Terrene Stake pool

Terrene stake pool will allow the drip of the $Terrene token for people staking with the pool.

Terrene Galaxy drop

NFT drop, focus on expansion of the ecosystem will also serve to further fund the project, art style and collection size TBD.

Distribution of $Terrene token

$Terrene will be distributed for holders of the Genesis drop and the Galaxy drop.

Deploy Terrene NFT staking platform

Platform will allow holders to stake their Terrene nfts and passively gain $Terrene tokens.

Terrene Meteorite Drop

The meteorite drop will be the final funding phase for the service market place, art style and nft size TBD.

Second Distribution of $Terrene

$Terrene token will be distributed for holders of the Terrene meteorite drop nft collection.

Release Terrene Paper

We want the community to be involved in the process of building the service market place.

Release UX/UI mockups

Release to the Terrene community the UX/UI mockups so the community can vote on features that will be release in the beta phase.


We want the development of the marketplace to involved the community, during this phase we will be taking votes on major features for release. The community will help set the release cadence.

Release Beta Market Place

We will be using an agile process to build the marketplace, leveraging the agile process allows transparency with the community.

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