The Galgos


The Galgos is a collection of hand-drawn, non-randomized NFTs with functionality. The Galgos is inspired by real-life and fictional characters.

The set of Galgos, NFTs, will be released in series to complete the full collection. These series in terms of functionality will be all compatible.

The project presents puzzles and quests and riddles that collectors can complete to have fun and get rewards.

Each series comes with a big and difficult puzzle that the community can solve together.

The project is oriented to collectors, puzzle solvers and gamers.


We are blockchain developers and artists that love animals, especially Galgos (Greyhounds).

Our NFTs are collectibles with functionality. We feature fictional and non-fictional characters in the form of Galgos. We hope that you enjoy our collection and be part of our community.

We like to focus on the details to deliver great quality. As such, our art is handrawn and our functionality is unique.

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The Galgos
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Phase 1: We are going to provide functionality related to quests and puzzles. (Q4 2021)

Phase 2: We are going to implement a play-to-earn game. (Q2 2022)

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