Time Shifters


''Time Shifters'' powered by Heuristic Labs Heuristic Labs is a company based in Baltic States which focuses on bringing the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems into #NFT space.

We're glad to announce our first CNFT project ''Time Shifters''. A unique generative art collection with the utility never seen in NFT space! We provide a completely functional AI generator software that doesn't require any coding; all you have to do is submit a text prompt, and the app's AI will turn your words into masterpieces. Our app focuses on the ability to generate AI art using an initial image & allowing the AI model to have a base for the creation!

You'll be able to stake ''Time Shifters" NFTs to generate tokens which will allow you to use software to generate your own art. Create a breathtaking and stunning images which you can use for your own NFT projects.


We're doxxed by BIG

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Time Shifters
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Please read through to get familiar & understand how software works - https://time-shifters.gitbook.io/time-shifters/

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